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  • What about pick up/ where do I have to bring the boxes?
    BOKO International offers a range of special collection and delivery options, making it possible for you to indicate an address from which we will pick up your belongings from. For some locations there is an extra charge of 10€ per package for a collection.
  • To which address can I ship my boxes?
    You don’t have to worry about your belongings. After arriving at country of destination, local couriers will deliver packages to a certain address, indicated by you.
  • What should I put my things into?
    It is best to use any kind of a carton box. Choose a box strong enough to hold the contents. That means it shouldn't have tears, rips, bends, or other damage. Select and use proper cushioning materials for package contents. If you want to transport valuable, easily breakable items, wrap them individually and surround them with bubble sheeting and recyclable or foam loose-fill materials. Content should not directly touch the inside of the shipping box. Securely tape your package. Use pressure-sensitive plastic or nylon reinforced tape. If needed, we will make sure that your parcel is safe by reinforcing the packaging.
  • What is the cost of a delivery?
    To estimate prices, quantity and measurements of boxes are required. After providing this information we will advise you on the costs of the transportation.
  • What is the time of a delivery?
    Average delivery time is 3-5 days.
  • I don’t understand the “Delivery Form” ...
    An exporter is a person we will be collecting stuff from. Please write down the address and contact details in order to ensure an efficient collection. An importer is a person who is a receiver of your belongings at a country of destination. It’s important to write everything clearly to avoid any mistakes. For Korea, please provide your TAX ID Number (통관고유부호). Please, mention the content of your packages in a “Description of product” field. Adding “used” before a name of an item suggests that products are of personal usage. “Unit-quantity” states for the number of certain items. “Unit-price” is a price of one item of a kind.
  • What is the TAX ID Number?
    TAX ID Number is a number used for clearance purposes. Literally, it is 통관고유부호.
  • Can I send a suitcase?
    Yes, it is possible to ship a suitcase out, although it needs to be put in a carton box and taped well. If you want us to pack your suitcase, the cost is 20 E for packing.
  • Can I transport alcohol, batteries, etc.?"
    It is forbidden to transport vitamins, alcohol, batteries, live plants, etc. The full list of prohibited items can be found at:
  • How to pack, seal and label shipments by FedEx"
  • Is there any extra cost for shipment ?
    Genrally no, everything is mentioned in ORDER, but if is really urgent or you need some extra service, contact with us!
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